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GLF and World Care Technology Program for International School of Tucson

CooperationGLF in association with World Care, is helping the International School of Tucson meet its growing and immediate technology needs.

GLF is providing the Software, Professional Development, Network infrastructure and Digital Curriculum as well as all other needed IT services to advance the IST mission. World Care is providing repurposed computers.

A case study is in the works for publication this summer as this long term project meets its first major milestone.

A Wonderful Case Study - High School As It Ought To Be

Here's a great example of passion and projects overcoming inertia...

Excerpt from:


How much more focused and engaged would high school students be if they were given an opportunity to pursue their passions – topics that truly sparked their interest and excitement?  

A year ago, we helped launch an experiment with 9th graders at the Riverdale Country School, a small independent school in the Bronx.  A year earlier, a new head of school had been hired and he brought to his role a series of ideas about education that ought to be commonplace but are all too rare. Among them: 

This is a must see Video - Will children at risk be ready by graduation?

Sometimes a video is worth 10,000 words. 

Please click below on the video link and watch this 5 minute video - mindblowing in its scope and relevance for GLF.



OLPC XO - Is Compatability An Issue?

As soon as I heard about the OLPC project in late 2007, I wanted to research what others were saying before I jumped ahead to make a purchase. There were varying comments on several discussion boards.
One comment suggested that the XO laptops are ‘not compatible’ with the usual Microsoft software and that children who would seek employment in adulthood would not be able to function if they did not know how to use Word or Excel.

I had the opportunity to test one of these laptops and even my 3 year old son can utilize it in a basic sense. "Compatibility" is really not an issue.
The laptop teaches more free and creative thinking than regular machines.

The Beginning

Beginnings are exciting... especially when you feel that you're involved in something that makes a difference.

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