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Marathon Reading Fundraiser

Marathon Reading is where a group of students, faculty, community members, or others read a book or group of books out loud non-stop for a long period of time.

Consider having a marathon reading for your next literacy fundraiser, like these groups.

Latin Students Take Part in Virgil Vigil

Marathon Read of “The Odyssey,” on Classics Day 2011

W.A. Deacon Literary Foundation Marathon Reading of award winning author Paul Yee’s Saltwater City

Many higher-learning institutions put on annual marathon readings, including University of California at Los Angeles, Texas Tech University, James Madison College at Michigan State University, Cleveland State University, Grand Valley State University, and Ball State University.

Laptops for a girls school in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo

Please contact Ms. Nzuzi (below) if you can respond to this request.

Anne Ponzi Nzuzi from Kinshasa, the president of the Baptist women's Union and a friend of mine would like to know how to go about getting laptops for a girls school in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.The name of the school is Lycee Pour Jenes Filles Mamaekila where young girls from 8-16 learn are trained in literacy and sewing skills. There are over 180 girls enrolled in this school with only one computer available.
Would you please inform us what steps have to be taken in order to get into the OLPC program ?
Thank you very much,
for Anne Ponzi Nzuzi, Kinshasa  e-mail:

Barbara Carvill, PhD
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Can you help provide computer equipment for school children Papua New Guinea?

Please contact Mr. Kambowa (below) if you can respond to this request.

Warm Greetings to you from Papua New Guinea!  We wonder whether your wonderful organization shall be able to provide computer equipments to two Elementary schools for school children in a rural primary school in the Tambul District of Western Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea.

We would be grateful of any support.

Yours faithfully

Mr. John Senior Kambowa
Melanesia Education Development Foundation Inc
P O Box 1636
National Capital District
Papua New Guinea
Phone: + 675 72161978

Literacy Project in Cape Town South Africa

The Shine Centre
Bringing literacy and language enrichment to school children with reading difficulties
The Shine Centre stands for Support and Help In Education. We are located at Observatory Junior School in Cape Town which is an inner city school. Shine Centres are established in carefully selected schools where 99% of the children are historically or economically disadvantaged. Our aim is to ensure that they reach their full potential and receive support in language and literacy.
We do this by encouraging local people and businesses from the community to partner their local school in providing struggling learners with weekly support lessons. In the future we aim to add numeracy to our programme.
intro faces
The Shine Centre relies on dedicated staff and committed volunteers. The Shine Centre also runs on public and private donations. The Centre invites you to tour our site and contact us for additional information.

Transforming Learners

Transforming Learners ....are generally highly motivated, passionate, often persistent even in the face of failure, and highly comitted learners. They most often:

* place great importance on learning ability, committed effort, independence, vision, and intrinsic resources.
* use personal strengths, ability, persistence, challenging strategies, high-standards, learning efficacy, and positive expectations to self-direct learning successfully.
* lose motivation and may become frustrated or resistant in environments or conditions that mismatch their aggressive learning needs.

More information at:

Successful Learning Strategies at:

AZ Home Learners

The Arizona Home Learners project aims to extend needed technology and software to home school families throughout the state - building on the Global Literacy Foundation mission that "quality learning should be personal, affordable and convenient".

Home school families use a variety of learning methods to deliver education to their children. These include traditional and non-traditional curriculum from a vast number of home learning resources. The gap exists when families within home learning communities have limitations to accessing quality technology and programs to ensure optimal success. As home learners are not part of the brick and mortar school system they would inadvertently lose out on any government funded technology programs that might be implemented in public schools.

Draft Proposal - San Carlos Apache eLearning Pilot Program

Draft Executive Summary

The strength of our unique offering is based on a partnership and synergy between five successful business and non-profit entities with excellent complementary educational skills and experience, including:

Resources - Related Links

The following are Resources related to the San Carlos Apache Tribe GLF Project.

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