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The Global Literacy Foundation’s vision for the next ten years is to evolve into a premier humanitarian organization with state, national, and global impact, boost the quality of literacy and research programs, and position GLF for membership in the elite group promoting related programs, such as the One Laptop Per Child, Global Literacy and other similar initiatives. This vision is outlined in the GLF strategic plan and titled Building Our Global Future, 2007-2012 – Transforming Literacy for Global Participation and Innovation.

The strategic plan outlines the vision, values, priorities, and future performance expectations that will measure progress toward the goal. Developed as a collaborative effort , this plan will ensure that we remain focused and disciplined in our directions, priorities, policies, and practices.

The strategic plan outlines five priorities:

  1. Tools and Solutions for Global Educational Success
  2. Intellectual Research and Innovation
  3. International Distribution of Resources and Interdisciplinary Participation
  4. Global Collaboration
  5. Support of Literacy Organizations and Endeavors

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