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Getting Involved

You can get involved by contributing time or money (or both).

  1. Donate funds to the Project or Initiative of your choice.
  2. Contributing to the website is a good way to start and takes several steps. Get to know it first.
    • If you're just browsing the site there's no need to do anything special.
    • You can type a term into the search box at the top right to quickly find what you want.
    • Most people start by using the menu links to browse the site. At the top of each page there's a menu that will take you to common areas of interest.
    • On the right side of the browser window you will see a navigation menu. Follow the links that interest you. On the left you will see menus related to the content displayed as well as external links and RSS news items.
    • You can also browse our 'Groups' that organize materials by relevancy to various interest areas.
  3. When you've found an area of interest, register & get started.
    • Login (register if not already a member)
    • Click on the 'Create Content' link on the right.
    • Select the content type you want to submit.
      • 'Blogs' are a good place to start. Blog stands for 'Web Log'. Any informal thoughts, experiences, stream of consciousness, or journal entries are great for this type of posting.
      • More formal documents can be posted using the 'Story' or 'Page' content types.
      • Purely academic bibliographic resources can be shared using the 'Biblio' type.
      • Peruse the item descriptions for the rest.
    • Make sure you select one or more categories from the drop down list. You may also, if appropriate, select an 'Audience' for your posting. Make sure 'Public' is selected.
    • Click Preview or Submit when finished.
    • Enjoy!
  4. Perhaps your New Year's intentions include giving more money to charity this year. If so, simply consider taking advantage of charitable tax credits. Also note that individuals who are at least 70 may be eligible for a tax-free gift of up to $100,000 from a traditinal or Roth IRA to qualified 501(c)(3) public charities without distribution in their gross income. Ask your tax advisor for details about the IRA Charitable Rollover provision.
  5. Send donations to:

    Global Literacy Foundation
    Attn: Allan G. Hutchison CPA
    Paradise Village Office Park
    11811 North Tatum Blvd., Ste # P-199
    Phoenix, AZ 85028-1698