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Projects & Initiatives

GLF is accepting Project applications for fiscal year (FY) 2010. Projects are to promote the literacy of young children, young adults and adults with unmet literacy needs. The expected result is for all to be thriving as they get ready to learn and succeed.

Applicants are asked to show how they can implement evidence-based programs and activities to improve literacy in at least one locality. Together, we will help to increase evidence-based practices to support global literacy.

Projects should be grounded in evidence-based approaches, lead towards coordinated programs that take a comprehensive view of literacy, and address the physical, emotional, social and behavioral aspects of literacy and wellness.

Projects should seek to improve outcomes at the individual and community levels by addressing risk factors that can lead to negative outcomes. Projects should promote protective factors that support resilience, literacy and professional development to protect individuals from later social, emotional, physical and behavioral problems.

GLF particularly encourages projects with potential for improving classroom teaching and learning in science and mathematics. The Foundation strongly encourages projects planned and led by teachers or groups of teachers in their classrooms.

In addition, GLF Projects should encourage teachers to use science and mathematics projects to engage students in positive and innovative learning experiences.

Successful Projects will trigger the natural curiosity of students, enable students to inquire and sustain the continuing expertise of community partners.

Here are the GLF Projects & Initiatives (below) currently under active development. Use the search box above to narrow your choices. If you you would like to apply, please contact us.