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San Carlos Apache Tribe

The "Apache" Nde (The People) are a culturally rich society with heritage tied to Mother Earth which is evident to this day, their existence is steeped with thousands of years of clanship lineage and knowledge passed down for centuries, we welcome you to meet the peoples of this community to discover their stories, artifacts and knowledge. Visit their web site at:


HeadStart Students at the San Carlos Apache Reservation

The Global Literacy Foundation donated three XOs to HeadStart Students at the San Carlos Apache Reservation

The strength of our GLF project is based on a partnership and synergy between you and our team with excellent complementary educational skills and experience. Your goals are our goals. Our experienced, passionate team of professional educators knows that together we can provide much more quality and quantity than if we were to work individually. The strength of our combined efforts is that we can offer expert assistance from the conception of an idea through to its realization with continued growth and improved academic outcomes.




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