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Vision and Mission Statement - Global Literacy Foundation Inc.

Our Vision

Global Literacy Foundation (GLF) is a non-profit organization with state, national and global impact offering global literacy strategies, resources and advocacy. GLF will support and collaborate with other organizations involved with common global literacy programs and initiatives.

Our Values

  • People
  • Culture
  • Literacy = Communication + Participation
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Self-Improvement

Our Mission

GLF is passionately dedicated to excellence in supporting:

  • People access (all ages) to literacy resources helping them participate and communicate in an engaged, and interdisciplinary, learner-centered environment for self-improvement and self-sufficiency.
  • Research, scientific discovery and quality, including the generation, dissemination and translation of new knowledge and resources across diverse disciplines.
  • Diversity, international literacy, culture and the arts.
  • Embracing innovation, integrity and scholarly and artistic engagement to build a community of learners and collaborators.

Our Goals

  • Provide innovative, best-of-breed technology resources and services, professional development and digital curriculum to support and improve access to literacy and learner readiness programs, resources and services.
  • Create literacy-centered partnerships with foundations, businesses, industry, local schools, government and other entities, that support and enhance the global literacy community.
  • Support effective educational, developmental and adult basic education programs and services.
  • Promote community engagement and giving towards global literacy pursuits.