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Harlem XO Laptop Pilot Study

In February 2008, Teaching Matters began a pilot project to give the XO laptop to one class of sixth-grade students at Kappa IV, a middle school in Harlem. There are three sixth-grade classes at Kappa IV, and the students in each class stay together for all their classes. The laptops were given first to one class first, chosen by lottery, and then to the other two classes at the end of the semester. The XO was to be used specifically for the final three units of a year-long Teaching Matters literacy curriculum, which was taught to all sixth graders, but the students were allowed to use them in other classes if their teachers allowed this. After the first two weeks, they were also allowed to take them home. Before they did so, however, the school held a meeting for parents, both to orient them to the XO as a computer and to respond to their concerns.